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Since our launch in 2010, WePay has offered one of the simplest online invoicing products around. We paired it with other easy-to-use tools that helped individuals, non-profits, and small businesses collect money online. Along with invoices, we offered a donations tool, an events tool, a small e-commerce tool, and a mobile virtual terminal.
With the launch of WePay’s API in the summer of 2011, we’ve come to realize that partners can often create more streamlined, compelling products than we can. For WePay, it started with crowdfunding. WePay’s donations tool, while a fantastic piece of engineering, just doesn’t have the same functionality as world-class fundraising products like GoFundMe, StayClassy, or Fundable.





When our founders joined forces in 2007, they had diverse backgrounds and varied interests. However, they had one important thing in common: Danae, Eric and Slava each tried to raise money for something they were passionate about, but they came up short. They had great ideas, the passion to work hard, and good networks, yet access to funding through traditional channels proved limited. The trio was determined to find a solution to the problem. Indiegogo was born; the crowdfunding solution that empowers ideas and enables people to donate funds easily





We’re a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you. Since our launch in 2009, 5.2 million people have pledged $889 million, funding 52,000 creative projects. Thousands of creative projects are raising funds on Kickstarter right now.